Nora Musu

Nora Musu (Photo Credit: Cheryle Williams)

Nora Musu is a Liberian-American artist whose art and life experiences epitomize an organic multiculturalism that transcends boundaries. Born in Madison, WI to Liberian parents, Musu was raised in Liberia, went to boarding school in England and spent much of her adult life in the U.S.

Developing an interest in abstract art at an early age, her first inspiration was her uncle and classically trained musician Nugent Frances Cooper. Later at the University of Liberia, her mentor and art professor, Cietta David Mensah played an influential role in shaping her artistic style and technique. She particularly admired these artists’ ability to use unconventional materials and methods.

Her cultural influences are evident in her eclectic use of mixed media, movement, texture and large landscapes. Musu, herself, primarily uses an innovative blend of acrylic polymer, iron and copper particles, enhanced by a process of rusting and patina, to create a three-dimensional sculptural relief effect that is reminiscent of ancient African stone and wooden sculpture.

Musu believes that her talents, skills and knowledge come from “the Giver of All Things Good,” Ngewo Domain, the mediator of nature in Mende legend and belief. The feminine Spirit of the Forest, Ngewo, who is the “Deliverer of All Things Good,” appeals to her feminine side.

Her pieces have been exhibited internationally, including the DuSable Museum (IL), the Museum of Science and Industry (IL) and the United Nations. Musu’s paintings are also in several private collections, including the art collection of George Tanchevski of New Albany, Ohio; and the art collection of Abdul and Marie Sherif of Pickerington, Ohio.

Musu currently resides in Columbus, OH. She also holds a BS in Business Administration from Franklin University.

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